American Public Health Association
When a gun is kept in the home, the risk of death from suicide, homicide or an unintentional shooting increases.

A loaded gun kept in the home for the protection of household members is much more likely to cause the injury or death of a friend, family member or another loved one than to be used in self-defense.

ABC News
Each year, U.S. hospital emergency rooms see an estimated 20,000 children with gunshot wounds.
Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System
An estimated 2 million children and teenagers under the age of 18 live in homes where guns are kept both loaded and unlocked.
Law Center To Prevent Gun Violence
Findings from a U.S. Government study of unintentional shooting deaths show multiple cases in which the shots were fired by children younger than 6 years of age.
U.S. Secret Service
A study of more than 30 school shootings reported that the shooter used a gun from his home or a relative’s home in nearly 7 out of 10 cases.