Safe Storage Options For Unloaded Guns

There are two main options for using a locking device to secure a gun in a way that makes it inaccessible to children and other unauthorized users. The less expensive option is to attach a locking device to the gun. A variety of locking devices are available at many gun stores and sporting goods stores or through safety product distributors. These products include trigger locks, cable locks, safety blocks, gun jackets and other attachable products.

While most of these products are designed for key access, some devices have a combination lock. Some devices are also equipped with an alarm.

An alternative to attaching a locking device to the gun, and usually the more expensive option, is to keep the gun secured inside of a locked unit such as a gun safe, lock box or gun cabinet. These products range from smaller moderately priced models that hold one or two handguns to much larger gun safes and other units that are designed to hold several long guns or a combination of long guns and hand guns.

In some cases, a higher level of security can be achieved by using more than one safety device with a gun. For instance, a gun that has a trigger lock attached to it can be locked inside of a gun safe. Although the use of two safety devices may seem unnecessary or even excessive, the additional safety precaution could make a difference in some cases.