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An estimated 2 million children and teenagers under the age of 18 live in homes where guns are kept both loaded and unlocked.
~Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System

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U.S. hospital emergency rooms see an estimated 20,000 children with gunshot wounds each year. ~ABC News

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When a gun is kept in the home, the risk of death from suicide, homicide or an unintentional shooting increases. ~ American Public Health Association

Did You Know?

A loaded gun kept in the home for the protection of household members is much more likely to cause the injury or death of a friend, family member or another loved one than to be used in self-defense. ~ American Public Health Association

Did You Know?

We offer free trigger locks to Marion County residents.


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The Marion County Public Health Department established this website to promote safe and responsible gun storage and handling. Through a variety of resources, the health department is working to improve public health by preventing gun-related injury and death. Some of the free resources available include trigger locks, print materials on gun safety, educational videos and educational presentations for youth and adult audiences.

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The Marion County Public Health Department wishes to acknowledge the Indianapolis-Marion County Forensic Services Agency, Indianapolis Emergency Medical Services, St. Vincent Trauma Center, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, Indiana State Police and other members of the law enforcement community for their contributions to the content of this website.
This acknowledgment should not be considered to imply endorsement of the website’s content by any of the above-named entities.

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Free Trigger Locks

The Marion County Public Health Department is offering free trigger locks to Marion County residents on a one-per-family basis. The locks are available at several Indianapolis distribution sites. Each distribution site has free and convenient parking available.





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